Broider Wul

Broider Wul

As I was scrolling along on Instagram (something I do way too often – and would get far more crafting done if I didn’t) a post from a fellow crafter/stitcher popped up. She was having a destash sale. Included in this destash was a bag of Broider Wul (now goes by the name of Renaissance Dyeing Wool) naturally dyed lambswool.

Broider Wul

After some research (boy did I go down that rabbit hole!) I found that it’s referred to as worsted wool thread these days. The word itself, crewel, in the 1700’s meant worsted, wool thread with a twist. I could go on with what I learned about crewel and even the origin of the term worsted but I’ll post on that another day.

Anyway, in the mail yesterday, came the package of destash goodies. A bag with 80 skeins of Anchor floss and a bag with 98 skeins of Broider Wul wool thread.

Now, I know what to do with the Anchor floss but the wool thread…. no idea. I read that one strand of the wool thread is equal to 2 strands of embroidery floss and you shouldn’t use more than 18 inches at a time as it frays easily.

So dear reader… what would you use wool thread for?



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