Lizzy Bee-utiful Yarns – the B-line

To say that I am excited would be an understatement. I have my first hand dyed yarns up for sale. Funny enough the colors didn’t come out exactly as I’d imagined but it turns out I love them anyway. I can’t wait to dye more! That said…

Every dye lot starts somewhere and not every beginning is perfect. With that in mind, Lizzy Bee-utiful Yarns has a “B-line”. Yarns listed here are slightly flawed in the smallest of ways but are no less lovely. And as they are slightly flawed I offer them at a discounted rate because they still deserve a good home.

Sahara Rose (left) and Smokey Vineyard (right)

I love how the photos show what the yarn looks like straight from the dyeing process (top photos) and what the yarn looks like after it’s been reskeined (bottom photos). I knew capturing the yarn true to its color would be difficult but sheesh. I now know that I need to photograph both the original skein and the reskeined on the same day. And I need to figure out the best background to use. I may be asking for your help in that regard soon. 🙂

Check them out and take one, or three, skeins of Lizzy Bee-utiful Yarns home today!

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